Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Congo Video

On Wednesday, we are watching the following video in class.  This video shows the present state of Congo.  The sheet for this video can be found here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Africa Colonization Map Activity

Starting on Tuesday, you will be examining maps involving African imperialism.  First, you will need to download the African Map Packet.  Open it in Notability and color in the first map based on the European powers that took over Africa.  Next, you will need to answer questions based ont he two maps in the packet.


If you open up this document in the World History App, simply click on.  At the bottom, click on the link to Open in Safari. Then click on the the link "Open in..." and choose Notability or another app of your choice.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Schedule April 27 - May 1

Monday, April 27

Lecture:  Intro to Imperialism.  Here is the notesheet.

Tuesday, April 28

Lecture: Imperialism in Africa (Continue with the notesheet from yesterday)

Wednesday, April 29

Lecture:  The Congo Today.  You will watch a short film about Congo and compare maps of Africa today with Africa during imperialism,

Thursday, April 30

Movie:  Blood Diamond.  During class we are going to watch the film Blood Diamond, which is about a civil war in Sierra Leone during the late 1990s. Here is the analysis guide. You will need to compare this with what happened in the Belgian Congo 100 years earlier.  Then, you will be writing a MelCon.

Here is the trailer for the film.

Friday, May 1

Continue watching Blood Diamond

On Tuesday, we will be writing a MelCon in class and taking a short quiz over the film.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DBQ Presentation

This week we are working on a DBQ. You will need to turn the DBQ in during class on Wednesday.  To help with your writing of the paragraph, here is the Power Point instructions that we discussed in class.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Schedule April 20 - 24

On THURSDAY, you will have a test over Unit 7.  Here is the review sheet.  You can turn this in for some extra credit on Thursday.

Monday, April 20

1. Take short quiz over Friday's movie: The Worst Jobs in the World: Industrial Note: If you weren't here on Friday, you will need to watch the video and fill out the sheet in order to take the quiz)
2. Start on the DBQ.  Read through the documents and answer the questions.  You will need to open the documents in Notability in order to annotate and write.  Then, you will fill out the charts and write a thesis statement

Tuesday, April 21

Continue with the DBQ.  You will need to write a MelCon this time.  Here is the rubric.

Wednesday, April 22

Today, you will write and turn in your MelCon essay. This essay will count as a test. Here is the RUBRIC. Then, when you are done, you will work on the review guide for the Unit 7 Test tomorrow.

Thursday, April 23

Test: Unit 7.  The test is 40 questions multiple choice.

Friday, April 24

Intro to Unit 8: Imperialism.  Take Pre-Quiz.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Schedule April 13 - 17

Monday, April 13

1. Notesheet Quiz: Revolutions and Romanticism
2. Kahoot review over Ages of Art

Tuesday, April 14

Webquest:  The Industrial Revolution.  Today, you will be going to the following website to answer questions about the Industrial Revolution.  Bring earbuds so you can listen quietly to some video clips.  Here is a copy of the webquest.

Website:  Intro to the Industrial Revolution

Wednesday, April 15

Lecture:  The Industrial Revolution, Part 1.  Here is the notesheet for this lecture.

Thursday, April 16

Lecture, the Industrial Revolution, Part 2

Friday, April 17

Video:  The Worst Jobs in the World: Industrialism.  There is a sheet that goes with this.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Schedule April 7 - 10

Tuesday, April 7

Today, you will be working on a Latin American Revolution Webquest.  Use the following links to answer the questions.

Part 1: The Mexican War for Independence
Part 2: Cinco de Mayo v. Mexican Independence
Part 3: Causes and Effects of the Latin American Revolutions
Part 4: Find a Grave: Simon Bolivar
Part 5: Haiti and the United States
Part 6: The Haitian Revolution Toussaint Louverture

Wednesday, April 8

2nd Period: Finish Latin American Lecture from last Thursday
8th Period:  Forum on Romanticism.  Meet in Theater

Thursday, April 9

2nd Period: Forum on Romanticism.  Meet in Theater
8th Period:  Finish Latin American Lecture from last Thursday

Friday, April 10

Notesheet Quiz: Revolutions