Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Monday, December 12

Test Corrections

Tuesday, December 13

1.  discuss binder check
2.  Lecture:  Introduction to the Renaissance


Wednesday, December 14

Work on Chapter 17 section 1 & 2 reading guide.  Due on Friday.

Thursday, December 15

1.  Video:  The Medici: Makers of Modern Art  (The video is also available on YouTube. There is a sheet that goes with the film.

Friday,  December 16

Finish video.

Have a great break and STAY OUT OF THE TREES!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Schedule December 5-9

Monday, December 5

Video:  The Secret Life of Genghis Khan  Today we will be watching this video. If you are absent, just click ont he link and you can watch it on YouTube.  The sheet is available here.

On Thursday is your Unit 3 Test.  Start studying.  I am also available for help, if you want.  Tomorrow we are going to review for the test.  Here is a Review Sheet.

Tuesday, December 6

Review for Unit Exam.  Go over reading guides.  You will be getting a test organizer for Unit 3.  This needs to be complete and will be checked when notebooks are collected.

Wednesday, December 7

Meet with counselors.  Go to the college and career center instead of class today.  Work on your test organizer.

Thursday, December 8

Test:  Unit 3

The essay part of the test will be tomorrow.  Also, bring book tomorrow.

Friday, December 9

1.  Essay:  Unit 3
2.  Work in class on the reading guide for Chapter 17, sections 1 and 2.  Due on Tuesday.