Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Schedule May May 26 - 29

Tuesday, May 26

Lecture:  Rise of Fascism.  Here is the notesheet.

Wednesday, May 27

Lecture: Hitler's March of Conquest  Here is the notesheet.

Thursday, May 28

World War II QR Code Activity

Friday, May 29

1. Finish World War II QR Code Activity
2. Take Quiz over World War II events

Monday, June 1

Video:  Apocalypse: Inferno  You will complete a worksheet while watching the film.

Apocalypse The Second World War Ep 6 INFERNO by waja100

Tuesday, June 2

Review for Final Exams

Monday, May 18, 2015

Schedule May 18 - 22

Monday, May 18

Finish watching The Last Voyage of the Lusitania. There is a sheet that goes with this video.

Tuesday, May 19

Lecture:  The Allies Win  There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Wednesday, May 20

1. Notesheet Quiz:  World War I
2. Map of Russia, Plus Russian Revolution Terms

Thursday, May 21

Lecture: Tsars and Holy Men.  There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Friday, May 22

Lecture: The Russian Revolution. There is a notesheet for this lecture.

We will finish up the lecture on Tuesday, then start World War II.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Schedule May 11 - 15

Monday, May 11

1. Pre-Quiz:  World War I
2. Map of Europe After World War I.  There is a notesheet for this.

Tuesday, May 12

Finish Map and discuss the Assassination of the Archduke

Wednesday, May 13

Lecture: World War I begins.  There is a notesheet for this.

Thursday, May 14

Lecture: Trench War and Submarine War. There is a notesheet for this.

Friday, May 15

Webquest:  World War I

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday, May 6

Hi guys.  I am not going to be in today.  Here's what you will be doing:

1.  You need to read an article about Sierra Leone today.  The article is called, "Sierra Leone's Diamonds Still A Source Of Contention" and can be found here.
2.  Go to Schoology to take the quiz on Blood Diamond and the article.  You can use the Blood Diamond packet on the quiz and any notes you may have.

IMPORTANT: most of the quiz is short answer. Make sure your answers are thoughtful and have examples.  Plus, you need to write the MelCon.   The Melcon is a compare and contrast.  So you need to identify ways in which Blood Diamond and the Belgian Congo are both SIMILAR and DIFFERENT.  (You can identify 2 similarities and 1 difference or 1 similarity and 2 differences)

Here is the Rubric:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blood Diamond

We have been watching Blood Diamond in class.  Here is the packet that goes with the film.  On Wednesday, we will have a quiz and you will need to write a paragraph comparing the situation depicted in Blood Diamond to that of the Belgian Congo.