Monday, February 28, 2011


Monday, February 28

Lecture:  Absolutism in France

Reading guide for French Absolutism due TOMORROW.

Tuesday, March 1

Third period:  Meet in Black Box.  Lecture:  Introduction to the Enlightenment.
8th Period:  Bring your book.  You will get points for having your book; you will lose points for not bring it.  Work on Reading Guide for "The Enlightenment."  Due on Friday.

Wednesday, March 2

3rd Period:  Bring your book.  You will get points for having your book; you will lose points for not bring it.  Work on Reading Guide for "The Enlightenment." Due on Friday.
8th Period:  Lecture:  Introduction to the Enlightenment

Thursday, March 3

Enlightenment philosophers.  Read packet and answer questions.  Everything due tomorrow.

Friday, March 4

Collect packets.   Lecture:  Significance of the Enlightenment.

QUIZ on Monday over the Age of Absolutism and the Enlightenment.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Schedule February 22-25, 2011

Tuesday, February 22

Bring Book Today!

Work on reading guide for Absolutism.  Reading guide due on Thursday.

Wednesday, February 23

Lecture:  Absolutism in England

Reading guide due tomorrow.

Thursday, February 24

Video:  Cromwell

Friday, February 25

Lecture:  Absolutism in France (Louie, Louie)

Read p. 596-607.  Complete Reading Guide for Tuesday.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Monday, February 14

Video:  Wonders of the African World:  Road to Timbuktu

You will have a sheet to fill out for this video.  If you miss any of the video, you can begin watching it here.  It is in 6 parts.

Homework:  Map of Africa.  Due tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 15

1.  Finish video.  Discuss.
2.  Go over map and reading guide for Empires of Africa

Homework:  Read Chapter 20.  Complete reading guide.  Due Thursday.

Wednesday, February 16

Lecture:  The history of Slavery

Thursday, February 17

1.  Lecture:  Modern Slavery
2.  Go over reading guide.  Discuss test.

Study for test.

Friday, February 18

Test over Unit 4:  Age of Discovery, Scientific Revolution, African Empires and Slavery

Monday, February 7, 2011


Monday, February 7

1.  Go over the Scientific Revolution Sheet
2.  Video:  The Medici:  Godfathers of the Renaissance, part 4 "Power v Truth"  A sheet can be found here.  If you are absent, you need to watch the video.

Tuesday, February 8

1.  Finish Video.  Discuss.
2.  Lecture:  Impact of the Scientific Revolution

Wednesday, February 9

Walk and Talk Quiz:  Age of Discovery and Scientific Revolution

Thursday, February 10

1.  Lecture:  Intro to African Empires

Complete Reading Guide for Chapters 8 and 15.  Due Monday.

Friday, February 11

1.  Finish Lecture.
2.  Video:  On the Road to Timbuktu

Reading Guide due on Monday.