Monday, November 17, 2014

Schedule November 17 - 21

Monday, November 17

Today, we are going to finish talking about the Crusades.  You will complete the Crusades Packet and also complete a map of the Middle Ages.

Here are the Links for the Map:

The Medieval World at the time of the Crusades
Crusades Map
Map of Europe, c. 1000 CE
Map of Medieval Europe to 1300 CE
Map of the High Middle Ages
Map Late Medieval Europe

Tuesday, November 18

Lecture:  The Crusades, Relics and Bibles Made of Stone.  You will have a notesheet for this.


Cathedral Link #1:
Cathedral Link #2:

Wednesday, November 19

Lecture:  Feudalism.  You will have a notesheet for this.

Thursday, November 20

Lecture:  The Rise of England and France.  Here is the Notesheet.

Friday, November 21

Today, we will start class with a notesheet quiz.  It will cover the Crusades, The map of the Crusades, Bibles Made of Stone and Feudalism.

Then, we will continue talking about the Rise of France.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Schedule November 10-14

Monday, November 10

1.  Notesheet Quiz: Byzantine Empire and Foundations of Islam
2.  Finish notesheet, "The Spread of Islam"

Tuesday, November 11

Lecture:  The Dark Ages. The notesheet can be found here.

For this lecture, you will be answering some questions while watching a video entitled, "The Dark Ages."  The sections of the video are listed below.  So, if you miss any days, you can catch up on your own.  You will have a quiz over this on Friday.

The Waning Empire
The Common Thread of Christianity
A Holy War
The Greatest King
The Vikings

Wednesday, November 12

Continue "The Dark Ages."

Thursday, November 13

Finish "The Dark Ages"

Friday, November 14

1.  Notesheet quiz over "The Spread of Islam" and "The Dark Ages"
2.  Lecture:  The Crusades.  There is a notesheet for this activity and a webquest.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Plans for Friday, November 7

Today, you are going to be watching the following video. As you watch the video, you will need to also answer some questions on Schoology. However, once logged in, do not swipe out or you will not be able to finish.

You will have your notesheet quiz on Monday.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Schedule November 3-7

Monday, November 3

ACT Practice:  The Spirit of Halloween.  You will need to take an ACT-Style quiz on Schoology over this reading.

Tuesday, November 4

Start Unit 3 with a lecture on The Byzantine Empire.  There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Wednesday, November 5

Webquest:  The Foundations of Islam

Today, you will be reading about Islam and answering question for a webquest.  What you don't finish in class, you will need to have done by Friday.

Thursday, November 6

Lecture:  The Dark Ages.  There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Friday, November 7

1.  Notesheet quiz for the Byzantine Empire and Foundations of Islam
2.  Continue the lecture on The Dark Ages.  We will finish it on Monday.