Monday, December 17, 2012


Monday, December 17

Lecture:  Kingdoms of Africa

Read Chapters 8 & 15.  Complete reading guide for Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 18

Video:  The Road to Timbuktu

Finish reading guide.

Wednesday, December 19  BRING BOOK TODAY

Work on the reading guide for CHINA and the MONGOLS.

Due on Friday.

Thursday, December 20

Video:  The Secret History of Genghis Kahn.  There is a sheet that goes with the video.

Watch BBC Genghis Khan in Educational  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Reading guide due tomorrow.

Friday, December 21

Finish video.  Discuss.

Have a great break and stay out of the trees.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Schedule December 10-14

Monday, December 10

Lecture:  The 100 Years' War

Tuesday, December 11

Bring Out Your Dead:  A History of the Black Death

Wednesday, December 12

Go over the Middle Ages Reading Guide.  Discuss quiz.

Thursday, December 13

Quiz:  The Middle Ages

Friday, December 14

Lecture:  Introduction to African Empires

Complete reading guide  for Monday.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Schedule December 3-7

Monday, December 3

Lecture:  The Church in the Middle Ages

Tuesday, December 4

Lecture:  Bible Made of Stone:  The Gothic Cathedral

Wednesday, December 5  Bring Book Today!

You will be working on the Middle Ages Reading Guide.  This is due on Monday.

Thursday, December 6

Lecture: The Beginnings of England and France, Part 1

Friday, December 7

Lecture:  The Beginnings of England and France, Part 2

The Middle Ages Reading Guide is due on Monday.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Schedule November 26-30

Monday, November 26

Lecture:  The Dark Ages, Part 1

Read Chapter 13, section 1 (p. 353-357).  There is a reading guide.  However, the reading guide is optional.  You can turn it in on Wednesday for points.  Even if you don't do the reading guide, you still need to read the section.

Tuesday, November 27

Lecture:  The Dark Ages, Part 2

Reading Guide due tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 28

Meet with Counselors today for Sophomore registration.

Thursday, November 29

Lecture and Activity:  The Crusades.  Today, you will be reading chapter 14 section 1.  The Reading Guide is due on Friday!

Friday, November 30

Lecture:  The Middle Ages:  Feudalism and the Church

Monday, November 19, 2012

Schedule November 19-21

Monday, November 19

Lecture:  Islam.  Fill out the note sheet while listening to the lecture.

Tuesday, November 20

Video:  Islam:  Empire of Faith

Wednesday, November 30

Activity:  Islam Terms--How much do you know?

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Schedule November 12-16

Monday, November 12

Review for test

Tuesday, November 13

Test:  Unit 2

Wednesday, November 14  BRING BOOK TODAY

Today, you will be working on two reading guides:

Chapter 11.1  ---this is due tomorrow
Chapter 10     ---this is due on Monday

Thursday, November 15

Lecture:  The Byzantine Empire

Friday, November 16

1.  Finish lecture
2. Read article about Byzantine art

Reading guide for Chapter 10 due on Monday.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Schedule November 5-9

Monday, November 5

1.  Lecture:  The Fall fo Rome
2.  Go over reading guides for Chapter 6

Tuesday, November 6  Bring Book Today!

Quiz:  Ancient Rome

Start reading Chapter 7.  Complete Reading guide for Friday.  After the quiz, you will have time to start working in class.

Wednesday, November 7

Video:  The Story of India:  The Power of Ideas.  There is a sheet that goes with the video.

Thursday, November 8

1.  Finish film.  Discuss.
2.  Lecture:  India During the Classical Age

Chapter 7 reading guide due tomorrow.

Friday, November 9

Lecture:  China During the Classical Age

The Unit 2 Test is on Tuesday.  We will review on Monday.  Here is the review chart.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Tuesday, October 30

Lecture:  The Rise of Christianity

Bring book tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 31

Work on Reading Guide for Chapter 6, sec 4-5.  Due on Friday.

Thursday, November 1

Lecture:  The Fall of Rome

Reading Guide for Chapter 6, sec 4-5 due tomorrow

Friday, November 2

1.  Go over reading guides
2. Review for quiz

Quiz over Ancient Rome on Monday.  Unit 2 test next Friday!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

SCHEDULE October 22-26

Monday, October 22

Lecture:  Julius Caesar and the Making fo the Roman Empire

Tuesday, October 23

Period 2:  Bring Book.  Today, you will be working on the Chapter 6, section 2-3 Reading Guide.  The reading guide is due on Friday.

Period 3:  Today, you will meet in the Black Box for the Greco-Roman Art Forum

Wednesday, October 24

Period 2:  Today, you will meet in the Black Box for the Greco-Roman Art Forum  

Period 3:  Bring Book.  Today, you will be working on the Chapter 6, section 2-3 Reading Guide.  The reading guide is due on Friday.

Thursday, October 25

1.  Review the forum
2.  Lecture:  The Roman Empire

The Reading Guide is due tomorrow.

Friday, October 26

Lecture:  The Rise of Christianity

Monday, October 15, 2012

Schedule October 15-19, 2012

Monday, October 15

1.  Go over reading guides
2.  Read "Plato and Aristotle on Tyranny and the Rule of Law."  Complete meaning of words activity.

Tuesday, October 16

1.  Go over article and activity
2.  Review for Chapter 5 Quiz

Wednesday, October 17  BRING BOOK TODAY

1.  Quiz:  Ancient Greece
2.  After quiz, start reading Chapter 6. Complete Chapter 6, Sec 1 reading guide for Friday.

Thursday, October 18

Lecture:  Introduction to Ancient Rome

Reading guide due tomorrow

Friday, October 19

Lecture:  The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar

Bring book on Monday.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Schedule October 9-12

Tuesday, October 9

1.  Discuss last week's film
2.  Lecture:  The End of the Greek World, Part 1

Wednesday, October 10

1.  Go over RG Chapter 5, sec 2-3
2.  Lecture:  The End of the Greek World, Part 2

Thursday, October 11

Read, "Solon Put Athens on the Road to Democracy" and complete meaning of words activity

Friday, October 12

1. Go over Chapter 5, sec 4-5 reading guide
2. Review

Quiz over Chapter 5 on Monday!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Schedule October 1-5

Monday, October 1

Finish movie.  Discuss.

Chapter 5, Sec 2-3 reading guide due tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 2  Bring Book Today

1.  Lecture:  The Greek Polis
2.  Map of the Greek World

Map due tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 3

1.  Athens and Sparta Venn Diagram
2.  Lecture:  Intro to the Persian Wars

Thursday, October 4

Video:  Greeks:  Crucible of Civilization, Part 2.  Complete viewing sheet while watching the film.

Friday, October 5

Finish video.  Discuss.

Read the rest of chapter 5. Complete reading guide Chapter 5, Secs 4-5 for Wednesday.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Schedule September 24-28

Monday, September 24  BRING BOOK TODAY

Work on the reading guide for Chapter 5.1.  Due tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 25

1.  Quiz:  Chapter 5.1
2.  Lecture:  The Greek World

Wednesday, September 26

No School!

Thursday, September 27

Lecture:  The World According to Homer

Read, Chapter 5, Secs 2-3.  Complete reading guide for Tuesday.

Friday, September 28

Video:  Greeks:  The Crucible of Civilization, Part 1.  Complete viewing sheet while watching the film.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Schedule September 18-21

Tuesday, September 18

1.  Collect reading guide for Chapter 4
2.  Lecture:  The Rise and Fall of Empires in the Middle East

Start studying for test.  Make sure you can answer all of the questions on the Unit 1 Syllabus.

Wednesday, September 19

Lecture:  Ancient China

HW:  complete study chart for test

Thursday, September 20

1. Go over Chapter 4 reading guide
2.  Review for Test

Friday, September 21

Test over Unit 1

No homework for weekend!  But, if you ant to get ahead, you can begin the Chapter 5 reading guide that will be assigned on Monday ;)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Schedule September 10-14

Monday, September 10

Lecture:  Hinduism and the Movie Avatar

Read, "The Philosophy Behind the Movie Avatar" and answer the questions for tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11

1. Go over the reading.
2.  Lecture:  A Short History of Judaism

Read Chapter 3 and start working on the Chapter 3 reading guide.  Due on Friday.

Wednesday, September 12

Freedom Box Forum.  Meet in the Black Box

Thursday, September 13

Lecture:  The Persian empire

Finish Chapter 3 reading guide for tomorrow.

Friday, September 14  Bring Book Today!

1.  Quiz:  Chapter 3
2.  Start reading chapter 4 and work on Chapter 4 reading guide.  The Chapter 4 reading guide is due on Tuesday.

Your Unit 1 Test is on Thursday of next week.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chapters 1 & 2 Exam

Tomorrow, you will be having your first exam.  The exam will be 40 multiple choice, matching and map questions.  Please be sure to know the following:

1.  River civilizations.  Know the characteristics of the 4 major river civilizations
2.  Art of the ancient world.  Match the picture to the appropriate civilization.
3.  Multiple choice.  Be able to answer questions comparing and contrasting the civilizations, characteristics of the Neolithic revolution, complex cultures.
4.  Map.  You will be asked to identify several features on a map
5.  Specific Definitions.  The last section is a matching section for specific definitions.  Look at your reading guides.

You can access the flashcards for the book here.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Schedule September 4-7

Tuesday, September 4

Lecture:  Egyptian Civilization

Start studying.  You have a exam over Chapters 1-2 on Friday!

Wednesday, September 5

1.  Lecture: Ancient Civilizations of India and China
2.  Go over Chapter 2 reading guide and map

Thursday, September 6

In class, finish the chart for Chapter 2

Friday, September 7  BRING BOOK

1.  Exam:  Chapters 1-2
2.  Read pages 61-83 and complete reading guide for Monday.  You can start working on this in class after the exam.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Online Textbook

Hi everyone.

If you have tried to access the online textbook, you may have noticed that you get an error message that the subscription has expired.  We are working with the company to get that restored.  In the meantime, you can access .pdf copies of the first two chapters here:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Schedule August 27-31

Monday, August 27

Go over the "At Home Reading."  Complete Reading Skills activity in class.

Homework: Read Chapter 1, section 2 and 3 (p. 14-23).  Complete "Neolithic Revolution Cause and Effect" sheet.  Due tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 28

1.  Collect and Discuss homework.
2.  Discuss "specific definitions."

Read, Chapter 2 section 1 (p. 29-31).  Complete Reading Guide for Thursday.

Wednesday, August 29

Lecture:  Art and Early River Civilizations, part 1

Chapter 2, section 1 Reading Guide is due tomorrow!

Thursday, August 30

Lecture:  Art and Early River Civilization, part 2

Bring book tomorrow!

Friday, August 31  BRING BOOK TODAY!

Today, you will be working on a reading guide for Chapter 2 and a Map.  Quiz over the chapter next week sometime!  The reading guide is due on Tuesday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Schedule August 29-31, 2012

Wednesday, August 29

Welcome to the class.  We will discuss class rules and expectations.

Homework:  Read, "Prehistoric Art" and complete reading guide for Friday.

Thursday, August 30

Lecture:  Art and Allusion:  Why Understanding Art History is Important

Extra Credit Activity.  Reading Guide due tomorrow.

Friday, August 31

Lecture:  The Origin of Art:  Painting in Caves

For homework, read the article "At Home: A Short History of Private Life" by Bill Bryson for Monday.

Welcome to the 2012-13 School Year!

Welcome to Janu's World History class site.  It's hard to believe the summer is just about over.  Here you will find all of the information needed for being a successful student on World History.  On this site, you will find all homework assignments, a weekly schedule and various links that will be useful for your classroom success.  I look forward to seeing you next week.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Schedule May 21-25

Monday, May 21

3rd period:  No Class.  Be sure to get the reading guide.  You will not have time in class to work.
8th Period:  Bring book today.  You will have the period to work on the World War II, Part 2 reading guide

The WWII, Part 2 Reading Guide is due on Friday.

Tuesday, May 22

Lecture:  Pearl Harbor and America Joins the War

Wednesday, May 23

Video:  Apocalypse: The Noose (Episode 5). The video is available online

Thursday, May 24

Video:  Apocalypse:  Hell (Episode 6).  The video is available online.

Friday, May 25

Finish video, if necessary.  Discuss end of World War II.    Unit Test is next Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Schedule May 14-18

Monday, May 14

Finish Gandhi:  Road to Freedom.  Discuss

Tuesday, May 15

Read Gandhi speech.  Discuss.  Go over reading guide.

Wednesday, May 16

Introduction to Fascism:  Mussolini and Hitler

Read p. 904-919 in your text.  Complete reading guide, "World War II, Part 1" for Monday.

Thursday, May 17

Lecture:  The Road to War

Friday, May 18

Video:  "Apocalypse:  World War II--Episode 2"  You can watch this film online.  Here is the sheet.

Reading guide due on Monday.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Textbook Code

Try the old code again.  It should work until the end of the year.


Schedule May 7-11

Monday, May 7

1.  Lecture:  The Russian Revolution
2.  Go over reading guide

Tuesday, May 11

1. Go over reading guides.
2. Review for exam

Wednesday, May 12

Test, WWI and the Russian Revolution

Thursday, May 13  Bring Book Today!

Work on Reading Guide for Chapter 30, Sections 3-4 in class.  The assignment is due on Monday.

Friday, May 14

Video:  Gandhi

RG Ch 30 due on Monday.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Schedule April 30-May 4

Monday, April 30

1.  Finish Video.  Discuss.
2.  Lecture:  The United States enters the war

Tuesday, May 1

Lecture:  The Versailles Peace Treaty

Complete Map of Europe After WWI

Wednesday, May 2

Lecture:  A Brief History of Russia

Homework:  Reading Guide:  Russian Revolution.  Due Monday.

Thursday, May 3

The Story of Rasputin

Friday, May 4

Video:  The Russian Revolution

Reading Guide due Monday.  Test over WWI and the Russian Revolution on Wednesday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Schedule Arpril 23-27

Monday, April 23

Web Quest:  WWI Trench Warfare.  This web quest is due on Thursday.  You will need to complete what you don't finish for homework.

Tuesday, April 24

No Class.  Prairie State

Wednesday, April 25

Lecture:  U-Boats

Thursday, April 26  Bring Book Today

Work on Reading Guide for WWI.  Due Monday.

Friday, April 27

Video:  Last Voyage of the Lusitania

WWI Reading guide due on Monday.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Schedule April 16-20

Monday, April 16

Quiz:  Imperialism

Tuesday, April 17  Bring Book Today!

Complete reading guide for Chapter 29, Section 1.  Also, complete map of Europe Before WWI.  The map is due tomorrow.  The reading guide is due on Thursday.

Wednesday, April 18

Lecture: Murder in Sarajevo

Chapter 29.1 reading guide is due tomorrow.

Thursday, April 19

Video:  All Quiet on the Western Front

Friday,  April 20

Lecture:  Death on the High Seas
Video:  Last Voyage of the Lusitania

Bring book on Monday.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Schedule February 9-13

Monday, February 9

Lecture:  King Leopold of Belgium

Tuesday, February 10

Video:  Crisis in the Congo
Africa Map packet

Wednesday, February 11

Imperialism in Asia Map Packet

Thursday, February 12

Go over imperialism packet

Friday, February 13

1.  Lecture:  Imperialism in Asia
2.  Review for Quiz

Quiz over imperialism on MONDAY

Monday, April 2, 2012

Schedule April 2-5

Monday, April 2

Lecture:  Introduction to Imperialism

Tuesday, April 3

1.  Lecture:  Imperialism in Africa
2.  Berlin Conference Simulation:  you will get into groups representing countries at the Berlin Conference and plan your strategy for taking parts of Africa.  The game will continue on Thursday.

Wednesday, April 4  BRING BOOK TODAY

You will be working on the Reading Guide for Imperialism.  The reading guide is due on Monday.

Thursday, April 4

Berlin Conference Simulation and reflection

Reading Guide due on Monday.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Schedule March 19-23

Monday, March 19

1.  Lecture:  The Industrial Revolution

Reading Guide for Chapter 26 due tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 20

Today, you will be getting a few reading guides returned.  You will have half of the period to go over your reading guides.  Then, you will need to work on the Review Sheet for the test.

Wednesday, March 21

Review for Unit Test

Thursday, March 22

Test Unit 5

Friday, March 23

Go over the Test.

Have a great spring break.  Stay out of the trees.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Schedule March 12-16

Monday, March 12

Art in the 19th Century:  A Whole Lot of "Isms" Going on, Part 1

Tuesday, March 13

3rd Period:  Art in the 19th Century, Part 2
8th Period:  Bring Book.  You'll be working on a reading guide for Chapter 25.  It is due on Thursday.

Wednesday, March 14

3rd Period:  Bring Book.  You'll be working on the reading guide for Chapter 25.    It is due tomorrow.
8th Period:  Art in the 19th Century, Part 3

Thursday, March 17

Finish Lecture on Art.  Test over the art tomorrow. 

Friday, March 16

Test:  Art of the 19th century.

Read Chapter 26.  Reading guide due on Tuesday.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Schedule March 5-9, 2012

Monday, March 5

Lecture:  The Rise and Fall of Napoleon, Part 1

Reading Guide on Napoleon (Chapter 23, sections 3-4) due tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 6 

Lecture:  The Rise and Fall of Napoleon, Part 2
Map:  Napoleon's empire

Map of Napoleon's Empire due tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7

Lecture:  The Congress of Vienna and the rise of Romanticism

Reading Guide:  Congress of Vienna (Chapter 23, section 5).  Due Friday.

Thursday, March 8

Liberal, Conservative, Moderate and Reactionary (oh, my)

Friday, March 9

Lecture:  Introduction to Romanticism

Friday, February 24, 2012

Schedule February 28-March 3

Monday, February 27

Today, we are beginning to watch a film on the French Revolution.  It will take 3 days to view.  You will need to complete a sheet for the film as well.  If you are not here any day, you will be responsible for watching the film on your own.  You can view it below:

For homework, you need to start reading Chapter 23, and complete reading guide for Friday.

Tuesday, February 28

Continue video

Wednesday, February 29

Finish video. 

Thursday, March 1

Lecture:  French Revolution summary

Don't forget, reading guide is due tomorrow! Bring book as well.

Friday, March 2  Bring Book Today!

Quiz:  French Revolution
Read the rest of Chapter 23.  Complete reading guide on Napoleon for Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Schedule February 21-24

Tuesday, February 21

1.  Lecture:  The Enlightenment:  Hume, Kant and Voltaire

Wednesday, February 22  

1. Go over reading guides
2.  Finish Enlightenment

Thursday, February 23

Lecture:  France during the "Ancient Regime"

Friday, February 24

Walk and Talk Quiz:  Absolutism, Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment

Monday, February 13, 2012

Schedule February 13-17

Monday, February 13

Today, we will be examining the English Civil War and the English revolution.  You will have a sheet to complete for the video and lecture.

The reading guide for Absolutism in England is due tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14

1.  Introduction to the Scientific Revolution
2.  Video:   The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance, Episode 4,  “Power v Truth”   

Wednesday, February 15

Finish video.  Discuss. 
Lecture:  The Scientific Revolution

Read Chapter 22, Sec 1. Complete reading guide for tomorrow.   

Thursday, February 16  Bring Book Today!

Today, you will be using the book to complete the Enlightenment Reading Guide.  The reading guide is due on Tuesday.

Friday, February 17
Lecture:  The Age of Enlightenment

Chapter 22 The Enlightenment Reading Guide due on Tuesday.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Schedule February 6-10

Monday, February 6

Review:  The Reformation

Tuesday, February 7

Review for unit test

Wednesday, February 8

Unit 4 Test

Read Chapter 21 sections 2 & 3.  Complete reading guide for Friday.

Thursday, February 9

Introduction to Absolutism. 

Reading guide due tomorrow.

Friday, February 10

Absolutism in England.

Read Chapter 21 section 5.  Complete Reading Guide for Tuesday.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Schedule January 30-February 3

Monday, January 30

Lecture:  The Age of Exploration, Part 1

Read Chapter 20.  Complete Reading Guide for Wednesday

Tuesday, January 31

Lecture:  The Age of Exploration, Part 2

Chapter 20 reading guide due tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 1

Lecture:  The History of Slavery

Thursday, February 2

Lecture:  Slavery in the Modern World

Friday,  February 3

Review for Unit 4 test.  The test will be on Tuesday.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to Semester 2! (Plus Schedule for January 24-27)

Hi everybody.  Welcome to Second Semester.  We will be continuing with Unit 4 (The Renaissance).  Most likely, we will be having a unit test sometime next week or so.  Therefore, do not throw any of your Renaissance information out!  Here is a schedule for the week:

Tuesday, January 24

1.  New seats
2.  Lecture:  Renaissance Art, Part 1

Wednesday, January 25

Lecture:  Renaissance Art, Part 2

Thursday, January 26   BRING BOOK TODAY!

Today, you will be working on the Reading Guide Ch 19 & 20.  This is a long one.  It is due on Monday!

Friday, January 27

Lecture:  The Age of Exploration, Part 1

Your reading guide for Chapter 19 & 20 is due on Monday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi everyone.  Sorry I have not been in class for the last week.  Here's what is going on for the rest of the semester.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:  You will be working on the Final Exam review sheet.  This is a large packet and you will have the rest of the week to work on it.  Bring your book each day.  The review sheet is due the day of finals and I will give extra credit if you have it completed.  Plus, you may get points for working diligently in class during this time. 

Your finals are next week.  We will start second semester by finishing up Unit 4.  Will will have a Unit 4 test sometime within the first two weeks of second semester.    So do not lose any of your materials for this unit.  Unfortunately, I will not be collecting notebooks at this time, but will do so early next semester.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at any time.

See you soon.

Mr. J

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year and Welcome back!

Tuesday, January 3

1.  Recap:  Humanism during the Renaissance
2.  Read:  "Machiavelli and The Prince"  Complete reading guide.  Due tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 4   BRING BOOK TODAY!

Read Chapter 17, sections 3 and 4.  Complete reading guide in class and finish for homework.

Thursday, January 5

Lecture:  The Reformation, part 1

Friday, January 6

Lecture:  The Reformation, part 2

Quiz over chapter 17 on Monday!