Monday, March 30, 2015

Schedule March 30 - April 3

Monday, March 30

Welcome back!!!!

1. Pre-Quiz: Revolutions
2. Lecture:  From Reaction to Revolution.  Here is the notesheet.

Tuesday, March 31

Continue Lecture:  From Reaction to Revolution

Wednesday, April 1

Today, you will be doing an "Effects Activity" and complete a map of Latin America.  You will be using the maps in Chapter 24 to complete the activity.  Colored pencils will be available.

Thursday, April 2

Lecture: Latin American Revolutions. There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Romanticism Art Project

This week you will be creating a Romanticism Art project.  If you weren't here on Wednesday, you can view the powerpoint below.  The notesheet contains the instructions.

Romanticism Powerpoint
Notesheet: Romanticism plus Project Instructions/Rubric

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Schedule March 16 - 20

Monday, March 16

1.  Take NOTESHEET quiz.  This quiz covers the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, French Revolution and Napoleon
2. Review for tomorrow's test!

Tonight at 8:30, I will be online at 8:30--hanging out in the History Chat Room--for a review session!

Tuesday, March 17

Test: Unit 6

Wednesday, March 17

1. Introduction to Romanticism
2. Romanticism Project:  Each of you will be given a painting from the Romantic Period.  You will need to do the following:

  • research the painting and artist
  • create a notability presentation

This will be due on FRIDAY.  You will email it to me.

Thursday, March 18


Friday, March 19

Romanticism and the Horror Movie---We will watch several short horror movies

Monday, March 9, 2015

Schedule March 9 -13

Monday, March 9

Continue watching French Revolution video.  Here is the sheet.

Tuesday, March 10
Lecture:  The French Revolution.  There is a sheet that goes with this lecture.  
Wednesday, March 11
Finish French Revolution Lecture.
Thursday, March 12
1.  Introduce Napoleon. There is a notesheet for this. 
2.  Napoleon Tweets Activity.  You will read 12 "tweets" from Napoleon.  Using your book, identify each event and the date.  Then, go to Schoology to place the events in the correct order.
Friday, March 13
Finish Napoleon lecture.

Notesheet Quiz is on Monday.  This quiz will cover the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution and Napoleon.
Your Unit 5 Test will be on TUESDAY!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Schedule March 2 - 6

Monday, March 2

1.  Finish Lecture on Scientific Revolution
2. Start Enlightenment webquest.  For this webquest, you will be visiting the following websites in order to answer the questions.

You will also need to go to Chapter 22 in your textbook to answer some questions. You will have until Friday, 6 pm to complete a short check for understanding quiz on schoology.  You can take it as many times as you need, but need to get an 80% in order to get credit.

Tuesday, March 3

Testing Day

Wednesday, March 4

1. Finish the webquest
2. Start Lecture: From Enlightenment to Revolution. Click here for the notesheet.

Thursday, March 5

Finish Lecture: From Enlightenment to Revolution.  Click here for the notesheet.

Friday, March 6

Video:  The French Revolution, Part 1.  There is a notesheet for this video.