Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Schedule May 28-31

Tuesday, May 28

Lecture:  The War Begins

Read Chapter 32 and complete reading guide.  Due on Friday.

Wednesday, May 29

Lecture:  The United States enters the War

Thursday, May 30

Video:  Apocalypse:  World War II.  There is a sheet.  So if you are not here, you can watch the video and complete the sheet at home.

Reading guide is due tomorrow.

Friday, May 31

Finish video.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Schedule May 20-24

Monday, May 20

Work on RG for Ch 30.  It is due on Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 21

Video:  The Russian Revolution in Color:  Freedom and Hope.

Wednesday, May 22

Lecture:  The Russian Revolution

Thursday, May 23

Lecture:  The origin of World War II

Reading Guide:  World War II part 1.  Due Monday.

Friday, May 24

Lecture:  World War II begins

Monday, May 13, 2013

Schedule May 13-17

Monday, May 13

1. Lecture:  The Versailles Peace Treaty
2.  Complete Map of Europe After WWI

Tonight, complete the WWI review assignment.

Tuesday, May 14

Review for test; go over reading guides

Wednesday, May 15

Test:  Imperialism and World War I

Thursday, May 16

Lecture:  Introduction to Russian History

Friday, May 17


Read Chapter 30, sections 1-2.
Complete Reading Guide for Wednesday.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Schedule May 6-10

Monday, May 6

Video:  All Quiet on the Western Front

Tuesday, May 7  Bring Book!

Work on WWI reading guide.  Due on Thursday.

Wednesday, May 8

1.  Lecture:  The War on the high Seas
2.  Video:  The Last Voyage of The Lusitania

Thursday, May 9

Finish Video

Friday, May 10

Lecture:  The United States gets involved

Next Wednesday:  Test over Imperialism