Sunday, September 25, 2011

Schedule September 26-30, 2011

Monday, September 26    BRING BOOK TODAY

1.  Collect reading guide.
2.  Discuss the Greek concept of the "Polis"
3.  Complete Athens/Sparta Venn Diagram and Map of Greek World.  Due tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 27

1.  Collect map and Venn Diagram
2.  Watch Greeks:  The Crucible of Civilization, part 2.  Complete viewing sheet.

Homework:  Finish reading Chapter 5.  Complete Reading Guide for sections 4 & 5.  Due Friday.

Wednesday,  September 28

1.  Finish film.  Discuss or collect sheet for a grade.
2.  Lecture:  Alexander the Great and the Spread of Greek Ideals

Thursday, September 29

Happy New Year!  Welcome year 5772!

Friday, September 30

1.  Lecture:  The Origins of Philosophy
2.  Discuss Chapter 5 Quiz

On Monday, you will have a quiz over Chapter 5.  It will be about 35 multiple choice questions and matching questions.  Be sure to know the items on your Unit sheet for Chapter 5.  Also, don't forget the online resources from your book!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Schedule September 19-23

Monday, September 19

Test:  Unit 1

Bring Book Tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 20

1.  Introduction to Unit 2:  The Geography of Greece
2.  Chapter 5 Cornell Note Activity in class.  Due tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21

1.  Quiz over reading/cornell notes
2.  Lecture:  The World According to Homer

Read Ch 5, sections 2-3.  Complete Reading Guide for Monday.

Thursday, September 22

Video:  Greeks:  The Crucible of Civilization, Part 1.  Complete viewing sheet while watching the film.

Friday, September 23

1.  Finish video.  Discuss
2.  Read article on Greek democracy in class.  Discuss.

Reading guide (Ch 5 Secs 2-3) due on Monday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Schedule September 12-16, 2011

Monday, September 12

1.  Go over Avatar reading
2.  Lecture:  The Persian Empire

Read Chapter 4.  Complete Reading Guide for Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 13

1.  Go over Chapter 3 reading guide
2.  Lecture:  China

Chapter 4 reading guide due tomorrow.  It will be collected in the Black Box.

Wednesday, September 14  


Thursday, September 15

Discuss Freedom Box forum.
Practice ACT

Friday, September 16

Finish China Lecture (if necessary)
Go over Chapter 4 Reading Guide.
Unit Test on Monday!  Discuss and Review.

This test will cover everything on the Unit Sheet, with particular attention to the "Essential Questions."  If you can answer those essential questions, you will do fine.  The test will be broken up into several parts:

1.  Multiple Choice Questions:  There will be 17 multiple choice questions covering chapters 1-4
2.  Map Questions:  4 questions identifying events/people and the appropriate region of the world
3.  Reading:  There will be a short reading followed by 5 questions relating to main idea and supporting details
4.  Essay Question.  You will write an answer to an essay question.  The questions are closely related to the "Essential Questions" on your unit sheet.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Schedule September 6-9

Tuesday, September 6

Finish lecture on China
Go Over Chapter 2 Reading Guide
Discuss exam

Study for exam.  It will be 50 multiple choice and matching questions.  Don't forget, there will be an art section.

You can access the flashcards for the book here.

Wednesday, September 7  (BRING BOOK TODAY)

Test:  Chapters 1-2

Read Chapter 3.  Complete reading guide for Friday.

Thursday, September 8

Lecture:  Ancient Religions:  Judaism

Reading Guide for Chapter 3 due tomorrow.

Friday, September 9

Lecture:  Avatar and Hinduism

Reading:  "The Philosophy Behind the Movie Avatar."  Answer the questions on the sheet for Monday.