Monday, March 28, 2016

Schedule March 28 - April 1

Monday, March 28

Welcome back!!!!

Today, we will be looking at Jazz, Hitler and Swing Kids. You will be doing a webquest that will examine these things.  The site it  Click here for the Webquest sheet.

You will not have time to work on this tomorrow in class. So, get done as much as possible and then you will need to finish it on your own.  We will have a test over Swing Kids and this packet next Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 29

Today, we will start watching the movie, Swing Kids.  There is a sheet that goes with it.

Wednesday, March 30

Swing Kids!

Thursday, March 31

Continue Swing Kids

Friday, April 1

Finish Swing Kids

There is no school on Monday. You will need to have the webquest and the viewing guide done by Tuesday. We will have a test over everything on Tuesday!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Test Preparation

We have a Unit 5 Test tomorrow!  Woo Hoo!

Some things to study:

Unit 5 Objective Sheet:  This sheet has all of the terms for the unit and the questions you need to answer.

Flashcards: Here are some flashcards for the unit.

Also, don't forget there is a study session TONIGHT. It starts at 8 pm.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Schedule March 7 - 11

Monday, March 7

Lecture: The Russian Revolution, Part 1. There is a notesheet that goes with this.

Tuesday, March 8

Notesheet Quiz: World War I
Lecture: The Russian Revolution, Part 2. There is a notesheet that goes with this.

Wednesday, March 9

Finish discussion of the Russian Revolution

Thursday, March 10

Review for Unit test.  Tonight I will be online starting at 8:00 pm for a review study chart.

Friday, March 11

Unit 5 Test