Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unit 5 Test Review

As you prepare for the unit 5 test, use the online resources from your book:

World History:  Patterns and Interactions

Know the following terms/items for the Russian Revolution portion of the test:

Karl Marx
Communist Manifesto
Russian Czars:  Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III, Nicholas II
Decembrist Revolt
Revolution of 1905
March Revolution
Provisional Government
Alexander Kerensky
"July Days"
Vladimir Lenin
Leon Trotsky
Josef Stalin
November Revolution
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Russian Civil War
New Economic Policy
The Great Purge


Tuesday, May 31

Finish Russian Revolution
Go over reading guide

Study for Unit Test!

Wednesday, June 1

Test:  Unit 5 (Imperialism, World War I, Russian Revolution)

RG, World War II, Part 1.  Due on Friday.

Thursday, June 2

Lecture:  The beginning of World War II

Reading Guide due tomorrow.

Friday, June 3

Video:  From Blitzkrieg to the Bomb, Part 1

RG, World War II part II due on Tuesday

Finals Next Week!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Monday, May 23

Lecture:  The end of the war

Study for tomorrow's quiz.  Bring book tomorrow to start on reading guide.

Tuesday, May 24

Quiz:  World War I

Read pages 867-879 and complete reading guide for Friday. (Chapter 30)

Wednesday, May 25

Lecture:  A history of Russia

Thursday, May 26

Lecture:  The Russian Revolution

Reading guide due tomorrow.

Friday, May 27

Video:  The Young Indiana Jones:  The Bolshevik Revolution

Unit Test on Wednesday!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Monday, May 16

Lecture:  The Horrors of Trench War
Video:  All Quiet on the Western Front

Reading Guide for WWI due TOMORROW

Tuesday, May 17

The Poetry of World War I

Finish poetry reading packet for tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 18

Lecture: Submarine Warfare and the United States

Thursday, May 19

Lecture:  Wilson's "Fourteen Points" and the End of the War

Homework:  Map of Europe AFTER World War I

Friday, May 20


Quiz Over World War I on Tuesday May 24!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Monday, May 9

1.  Go over Imperialism in Asia Reading Guide
2.  Review for tomorrow's test

Study, Study, Study.  Bring book tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 10

1.  Imperialism Exam

HW--Map of Europe BEFORE World War I

Wednesday, May 11

Lecture:  The Start of World War I

Start reading pages 841-861. 

Thursday, May 12

In class, work on World War I reading guide.  Due on Tuesday.

Friday, May 13

1.  Lecture:  The U-Boat
2.  Start watching, "The Last Voyage of the Lusitania"

Reading guide due on Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Monday, May 2

1.  Song:  "Hateful Hate"
2.  African Colonization simulation, day 1

Tuesday, May 3

African Colonization simulation

Read, "King Leopold's Heart of Darkness."  Quiz over reading tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 4

1.  Quiz over reading
2.  Lecture:  The Belgian Congo:  Then and Now

HW:  Reading guide, "Imperialism in Asia"  due Friday.  Bring Book tomorrow!

Thursday, May 5

Imperialism in Asia map.

Reading guide and map due tomorrow.

Friday, May 6

Lecture:  Imperialism in Asia.  Go over reading guides.

Quiz over Imperialism on TUESDAY!