Monday, November 30, 2015

Schedule November 30 - December 4

Monday, November 30

Lecture: The Age of Exploration, Part 1. There is a sheet for this lecture, We will be talking about the reasons for exploration and looking at the world's first explorer: Zheng He.

Tuesday, December 1

Lecture: The Age of Exploration, Part 2. Today, we will be looking at Christopher Columbus--the Myth and the Legends

Wednesday, December 2

1. Lecture: The Columbian Exchange
2. Webquest:  Slavery.  For this webquest, you will be researching slavery using the following website:

Thursday, December 3

Continue working on the webquest. What you don't finish, you'll have to do on your own.

Friday, December 4

DBQ: The Effects of Exploration.  The packet will need to be completed so that you can write the DBQ. The DBQ will be part of your Unit 3 test.

Your notesheet quiz for this part of the unit will be on TUESDAY.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Schedule November 16 - 20

Monday, November 

Notesheet Quiz!

After the notesheet quiz, you can start working on the next World History Blog post. For this post, you will be describing how a Renaissance work of art represents either secularism, individualism or humanism.  Click here for the instructions.

You will need to pick a piece of art from this website:

Tuesday, November 17

1. Pre-Quiz: Africa, America and Exploration
2. Africa Geography Activity. You will be filling out a map of Africa, labeling the early empires and cities in Africa.

You will be using

Wednesday, November 18

Lecture: The Empires of Africa.  There is a notesheet for this.

Thursday, November 19

Finish lecture.

Friday, November 20

Webquest: Ancient America--The Maya, Aztec and Inca

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Schedule November 9 - 13

Monday, November 9

Lecture: Humanism: The Heart of the Renaissance  There is a notesheet that goes with this lecture. Click here.

Tuesday, November 10

Renaissance Art Forum:  Meet in the theater today!

Wednesday, November 11

Lecture: Machiavelli and Politics.  You will continue taking notes on the notesheet from Monday.

Thursday: November 12

Lecture: An Introduction to the Reformation. There is a notesheet that goes with this. Click here.

Friday, November 13

Notesheet Quiz: The Renaissance and Reformation.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Schedule November 3 - 6

Tuesday November 3

1. Test Grades
2. Today, we will be starting Unit 3 by completing a Unit 3 Map Activity

Wednesday, November 4

1. Pre-quiz: The Renaissance
2. Book Activity: Renaissance Word Scramble. You will need to use Chapter 17 from your textbook for this activity. The password is "grens"

Thursday, November 5

1. Lecture: Introduction to the Renaissance.  There is a notesheet for this lecture.

You will be reading a short article about the Renaissance and answering some questions. At the end of the period, you will need to do a quick exit slip in Schoology. The exit slip will be for points!

Friday, November 6

Lecture: Humanism: The Heart of the Renaissance  There is a notesheet that goes with this lecture.