Wednesday, August 31, 2011

List for Chapter 2 Chart

For the civilizations chart, these are the items that must be placed into the proper categories.  NOTE:  Some of the terms may be used for more than one civilization.

365 day calendar
Ancestor worship
City grid system
Coined money
Cuneiform writing
Early origins of Hindu religion
Epic of Gilgamesh
Euphrates River
Hammurabi’s code
Huang He River
Indus River
Invention of the wheel
King Narmer unites regions
King Sargon creates first empire in area
Language contained over 10,000 symbols
Mandate of Heaven
Mummification due to belief in afterlife
Nile River
Oracle bones
Re, the sun god
Roads and canals
Sewer system
Shang Di, the supreme god
Shang Dynasty
Tigres River
Undecipherable language made up of over 400 symbols
Use of cast iron
Xia Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Schedule August 29-September 2

Monday, August 29

1.  Lecture:  The River Valley Civilizations:  Mesopotamia

HW:  Read Chapter 1 and complete Reading Guide for Wednesday

Tuesday, August 30

1.  Recap of the Freedom Box:  Hammurabi Activity
2.  Lecture:  Ancient Egypt

RG over Chapter 1 due tomorrow

Also, BRING BOOK tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 31

1.  Go over Prehistoric Art sheet
2.  Class time to complete Chapter 2 reading guide.  (Plus map and chart)  Due on Friday.

Thursday, September 1

1.  Go over Chapter 1 Reading Guide
2.  Lecture:  Ancient India and China

Chapter 2 reading guide due tomorrow.

Friday, September 2

1.  Lecture:  The Ancient Middle East

Comprehensive quiz/test over Chapter 1 next WEDNESDAY!  Start studying.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Losing My Religion" Extra Credit

Today, in class, we will be watching the award-winning video for R.E.M.'s song, "Losing My Religion."  The song was released in 1991 and the video went on to win several awards.

The video contains many allusions to art.  Your job (if you choose to accept) is to find the allusions.  I will tell you now, that the easier allusions are to paintings.  If you find a painting that resembles one of the moments in the video, print it out and return it to me tomorrow.

Here's the important thing:  This needs to be turned into me by the BEGINNING of FIRST PERIOD in the study hall room, 124C.

You can download a sheet of images here to help you.

Here's a hint: "If it's not baroque, don't fix it."  Good luck!  And don't forget:  in order to get that extra credit, all sheets need to be in by the BEGINNING of FIRST PERIOD tomorrow (Thursday,  August 25) in the Study Hall room (124c).

Monday, August 22, 2011

SCHEDULE August 23-August 26

Tuesday, August 23

1.  In-class reading assignment
2.  Introduction to the class

HW:  "What is Art?" paragraph due tomorrow

Wednesday, August 24

1. Collect paragraph.  Discuss.
2. Lecture:  Art and Allusion

Extra Credit Opportunity:  "Losing My Religion"

Thursday, August 25

1. Discuss the music video
2. Lecture:  Origins of Art

Read article, "Instant Art History:  Prehistoric Art"  Complete reading guide for Monday.

Friday, August 26

1. Lecture:  Prehistoric Art

Reading guide for article due on Monday

Welcome to a New Year!

Hi everybody.  Welcome to the class site for Mr. Janu's World History class.  Here you will find schedules and downloadable assignments.  It will be important to bookmark this site as you will need to consult this page from time to time.  Also, any time you are absent and are wondering what you missed, you can check here and download most assignments.  You can find those in the "Essential Documents" section in the righ-hand panel.

I look forward to a great year.  Welcome to the class.

Mr. Janu