Monday, May 21, 2012

Schedule May 21-25

Monday, May 21

3rd period:  No Class.  Be sure to get the reading guide.  You will not have time in class to work.
8th Period:  Bring book today.  You will have the period to work on the World War II, Part 2 reading guide

The WWII, Part 2 Reading Guide is due on Friday.

Tuesday, May 22

Lecture:  Pearl Harbor and America Joins the War

Wednesday, May 23

Video:  Apocalypse: The Noose (Episode 5). The video is available online

Thursday, May 24

Video:  Apocalypse:  Hell (Episode 6).  The video is available online.

Friday, May 25

Finish video, if necessary.  Discuss end of World War II.    Unit Test is next Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Schedule May 14-18

Monday, May 14

Finish Gandhi:  Road to Freedom.  Discuss

Tuesday, May 15

Read Gandhi speech.  Discuss.  Go over reading guide.

Wednesday, May 16

Introduction to Fascism:  Mussolini and Hitler

Read p. 904-919 in your text.  Complete reading guide, "World War II, Part 1" for Monday.

Thursday, May 17

Lecture:  The Road to War

Friday, May 18

Video:  "Apocalypse:  World War II--Episode 2"  You can watch this film online.  Here is the sheet.

Reading guide due on Monday.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Textbook Code

Try the old code again.  It should work until the end of the year.


Schedule May 7-11

Monday, May 7

1.  Lecture:  The Russian Revolution
2.  Go over reading guide

Tuesday, May 11

1. Go over reading guides.
2. Review for exam

Wednesday, May 12

Test, WWI and the Russian Revolution

Thursday, May 13  Bring Book Today!

Work on Reading Guide for Chapter 30, Sections 3-4 in class.  The assignment is due on Monday.

Friday, May 14

Video:  Gandhi

RG Ch 30 due on Monday.